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Analogue Solutions Vostok 2020 Synthesizer

Analogue Solutions Vostok 2020 Synthesizer

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Analogue Solutions Vostok 2020 Synthesizer
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0071-1435
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Allgemeine Informationen

When it comes to synths, especially the ones built during a time we now refer to as 'vintage', most eyes are usually fixed on America and Japan. In the past, all Europe had to offer were a few solid builders from Italy and Germany. Then again, it's easy to forget the former Soviet Union also served up a couple of potent synths - the Polyvoks no doubt being the most popular one. That said, Analogue Solutions now present something fresh and unique: the Vostok 2020. This slightly Russian-themed desktop module competes with the ARP 2600, even in terms of price, and it's a hefty chunk of gear that takes up no less than 7U in a rack (using a set of optional rack ears). It comes at a price, but what you get in return can't be expressed in roubles.

Features of the Analogue Solutions Vostok 2020

We're talking about an analogue, semi-modular synth here, meaning that, while you're limited to a fixed number of modules, you can actually patch the modules up any way you'd like. Included are three VCOs, two LFOs, a GV/gate sequencer, two envelopes, a mixer and a filter, all of which come backed by the many patching options and the large modulation matrix in the lower-right section. Essentially, this gives you two ways to couple things, boosting the potential even further. It's safe to say that the sound-effect-shaping possibilities are endless, and you get plenty of room to create nuanced and detailed samples. Trust us, getting to know the full depth of your new sonic comrade will take much longer than a mere day.

Oh, And There's This!

Real spring reverb has been loaded into the Vostok 2020, giving it a sweet vintage touch. There's a ring modulator for metal-like sounds, and the MIDI In and Thru ports allow for seamless studio integration, while the joystick thoughtfully fitted below the VU meter can be used to control the effects. Of course, it's up to you to stir up some experimental results with it. Via the CV/gate, Eurorack integration is made easy too.

So Who's This Synth For?

That's the only question that still remains. The answer is simple: experienced sound designers who know what they're investing in. If you're still a little unseasoned in the world of synths, the Vostok 2020 is probably both too expensive and extensive for you, even if the patching is made clear and easy. But if you're a captain in synth-world, this is a great sonic vessel to command.

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