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Audio Technica AT8024 Stereo/Mono Kameramikrofonon

Audio Technica AT8024 Stereo/Mono Kameramikrofonon
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Audio Technica AT8024 Stereo/Mono Kameramikrofonon
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0014-5314
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Allgemeine Informationen

The Audio Technica AT8024 is a camera microphone that drastically increases the sound quality of your DSLR camera, camcorder or mobile recording device. This condenser microphone can easily be fastened to the hot shoe of your camera. You can plug the cable with 3.5mm jack directly into your camera. The microphone’s mode can be switched between mono and stereo, has an 80Hz high-pass filter and a 3-way pad, making the AT8024 highly versatile. Moreover, the integrated shockmount ensures that you’re not bothered by handling noise and other unwanted sounds.

The Audio Technica AT8024: flexible preference options

As we stated before, the AT8024 is provided with a 3-way pad switch. This allows you to attenuate the input signal to such a degree that it is kept within acceptable margins. You will be able to find the ideal input level for all situations. The high-pass filter ensures that frequencies below 80 Hz are suppressed. Below this frequency are things like soft wind noises and foot steps on stage, for instance. With this function you can filter such things from your overall sound, enhancing the quality of your recordings. This condenser microphone, which is powered by a single AA battery, has a cardioid pickup pattern, making it directionally sensitive. Sounds from the front are picked up accurately, while noise from the sides and back is ignored, making it easier to isolate your desired sound source from its environment. The microphone can be used in mono and stereo mode, so you can select the mode that best suits your recording application.

Robust and shock-resistant

The AT8024 is mounted on a durable housing that fits on most regular camera hot shoes, while the microphone itself is suspended in a rubber shockmount, which prevents shocks and vibrations from influencing your sound. You can plug this microphone directly into your camera, as it is provided with a fixed coiled cable with a 3.5mm mini stereo jack. This microphone comes with two windshields, one of foam and a fuzzy one for windy applications.

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