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Avantone Pro MixCube passiver Referenzmonitor, schwarz (Einzelpreis)

Avantone Pro MixCube passiver Referenzmonitor, schwarz (Einzelpreis)

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Avantone Pro MixCube passiver Referenzmonitor, schwarz (Einzelpreis)
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0015-5192
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Allgemeine Informationen

The Avantone Pro MixCube is a shielded, full-range studio reference monitor speaker. Its design has been influenced by the legacy of the 5C Sound Cubes, which have been used in nearly any major studio of the last 25 years. In order to build a durable mini-reference monitor speaker that could replace the older 5C Sound cubes, and achieve an improved frequency response, Avant Electronics selected the most linear full-range version of the 5C models for benchmarking. The frequency response was even analysed in an anechoic chamber, so that it could be developed to perfection!

Design and components

The old 5C Sound Cubes have a housing of particleboard covered with a glue-on wood grain contact paper. This Avantone is made of thicker and denser MDF to allow for greater durability and lower resonance. The elegant polyurethane, polished retro-cream finish will look great in any studio! A 7mm thick neoprene pad is built into the base of the housing, to function as an anti-slip acoustic isolator. For further creative mounting situations, a 5/8”-27 microphone stand mounting point is flushed in the base. Avantone have selected a 5.25-inch aluminium frame driver/cone, designed to rise above the outstanding performances of the original 5C Sound Cube! The paper cone has been selected because of its musical character, and is designed and made in Japan.


Studios mainly use large 2-way and 3-way monitors to allow for a wide range of reference points at high audio quality, but in this age of high-def audio you also need to know how your mix holds up when played through alarm clocks, tellies and computer speakers. Judgments on your mix need to be partially based on reference monitors that don't cause tonal differentiations (because of their crossovers or inferior full-range drivers, for instance). Additional attention needs to be paid to the mid-range vocal/guitar/keyboard parts, which is where a full-range monitor without crossover really comes into its own. Ten months of R&D have been put to good use in the Avantone MixCubes, resulting in a smooth, full-range improvement of the original 5C Sound Cubes. Listening tests have shown that the MixCubes produce a flat, open and transparent top range and response with an extensive bass, while they retain their original sonic character.

  • Die empfohlene Leistung liegt zwischen 50 und 200 W oder 10 bis 100 W Röhrenleistung. Ein hochwertiger Powerverstärker wird empfohlen Bindposts an der Rückseite sind für Kupferdraht, Spade Lugs und einfache oder doppelte Bananenstecker geeignet. Ab einer Kabellänge von 2 m wird die Verwendung von 12-16 AWG-Draht empfohlen.
  • Wenn Sie Avantone MixCubes auf Stativen oder an Traversen positionieren wollen, sollte dies am besten auf Ohrhöhe geschehen. Auch Platzierung in der Nähe von einem CRT-Videobildschirm oder Fernseher ist möglich.
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