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Behringer MonoPoly Synthesizer

Behringer MonoPoly Synthesizer
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Behringer MonoPoly Synthesizer
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0064-5793
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Born back in 1981 and every bit a modern museum piece, the original Korg MonoPoly is still able to set the heart of any noble synth-freak pounding. This plucky little synth came rammed with tactile knobs and buttons for beating tweaking its unique sound into shape, and quickly became one of the most popular synthesisers of the era. Now, Behringer blow off the dust and breathe fresh life into one of the synths that helped define synth-pop: this is the Behringer MonoPoly.

The Behringer MonoPoly

The Behringer MonoPoly comes equipped with a 37 note keyboard and a tilting control panel loaded with four analogue oscillators, each with their own waveform, octave, fine-tune, and volume controls. All of this is then squeezed through a filter, and on through a VCA module, so that in principle, you've got a thick mono voice with four oscillators. In reality, this synth is polyphonic, where you get an oscillator per voice. Extra sonic potential is provided by a pair of LFOs, and since Korg first dubbed them MGs (modulation generators) back in the '80s, Behringer have done the same. This next-gen MonoPoly is also sync-capable, so that Jarre-style laserharp can be shaped at will, while the arpeggiator retains the traditional up, down, up/down movements over multiple octaves.

A Modern Tribute

Whoever had the pleasure of owning one of the originals, or the closely related Poly-61 will already be familiar with many of the specs. The visual resemblance is just as on-point, which is exactly what we've come to expect, and want, from any of Behringer's synth reproductions. What this Behringer model offers over its vintage ancestor, is the consistent performance of a brand new model, unhindered by vintage gremlins. The Behringer MonoPoly also comes fully prepared for USB-MIDI as well as standard MIDI so it can be seamlessly and easily integrated into any current set-up.

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