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Bugera 333XL-212 INFINIUM Gitarren-Combo

Bugera 333XL-212 INFINIUM Gitarren-Combo
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Bugera 333XL-212 INFINIUM Gitarren-Combo
Artikel-Nummer: B-333XL-212
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The 333XL/333-XL212 is the big brother of the 333 series with four major improvements. For one, these two amplifiers feature a complete active presence control. Additionally, they come with EL34 power tubes for a compressed, tighter mid sound. Further still, there's analogue Noise Gate on the Lead channel. Lastly, there's an XL switch for the Crunch and Lead channels for a louder sound.

333XL-212 INFINIUM: the extra large 333-212

The XL switch adds even more chunk to your sound, so you can add thunder to the combo version to accurately emulate a 412 cab. You can beef up the sound of a single coil. Moreover, you can use it to add sustain to single-note melodious sections.

INFINIUM guitar amplifier technology by Bugera

The revolutionary INFINIUM technology is like having a personal technician for your amplifier who constantly monitors your amplifier and optimises the tubes' performance. However, the amazing INFINIUM circuit does more than just optimise every output valve, it also dynamically balances their input and distributes it evenly among them.

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