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Bugera T50 INFINIUM 2-Kanal 50 W Gitarrenverstärker

Bugera T50 INFINIUM 2-Kanal 50 W Gitarrenverstärker
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Bugera T50 INFINIUM 2-Kanal 50 W Gitarrenverstärker
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The German brand Bugera are definitely making a name for themselves with these affordable, high-quality, hand-made tube amps. A good example of the many features they have is the switchable Class A/AB operation. As its name already implies, the T50 also features the Bugera INFINIUM technology that extends the lifespan of your valuable power tubes by up to 20 times. In short, the T50 Infinium has it all!

Class A/AB

The fact that this tube amp offers the option to switch between class A/AB modes, means that you have an even larger array of sounds at your disposal, since both modes have their own distinct character. In class A, the T50 has that true warm vintage amp sound with plenty of headroom, and in AB mode you get a modern sound with high gain overdrive.

INFINIUM technology

The revolutionary INFINIUM circuit can best be described as a sort of tube management system. It ensures that each tube is given an equal load that extends its life by up to 20 times, so that you don't have to replace expensive power tubes so often. Moreover, the system also monitors performance, and will tell you when you have a defective tube, or one that needs replacing. You even have the possibility to use different types and makes of tubes at the same time to simply create your own unique guitar sound.

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