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dB Technologies Bax Advised Carnaval Set 7

dB Technologies Bax Advised Carnaval Set 7
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dB Technologies Bax Advised Carnaval Set 7
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0005-1633
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The Bax Advised Carnival Set 7 consists of four dB Technologies DVX D8 HP active speakers, two dB Technologies DVA S08 active subwoofers and six 10-metre Klotz M2FM1-1000 Neutrik XLR 3P - XLR 3P. This set is ideal for mid-sized businesses in the food and entertainment industry, such as cafes. The four satellite speakers are excellent for speech, and you can spread them out for good sound coverage. Furthermore, both the speakers and the subwoofers have different configuration options and are easy to place out of the way, thanks to their shape.


dB Technologies DVX D8 HP active speakers


The four DVX D8 HP active speakers are powerful yet lightweight. An individual speaker is equipped with an 8-inch woofer and a 1-inch neodymium compression driver with a rotating CD horn, which is perfect for amplifying speech clearly - especially with a dispersion of 90 by 70 degrees. Furthermore, the maximum sound pressure of each DVX D8 HP is 125 dB (SPL), and the frequency response ranges from 75 to 20,000 Hz, depending on the volume. The speakers are also supported by class D amplifiers with Digipro G2 amp technology. Finally, each speaker is equipped with mounting points and a 36mm pole mount, which offers even more configuration choices.


dB Technologies DVA S08 active subwoofers


The two DVA S08 active subwoofers in this set are amongst the most compact subwoofers on the market. Despite their compact size though, the 12-inch woofer with 3-inch voice coil produce a tight bass that really packs a punch. This great sound is also possible thanks to the cabinet design, quality amplifier and 800W class D Digipro amp module with G2 technology. The maximum sound pressure you can get out of the DVA S08s is 125 dB (SPL), and the frequency response ranges between 48 and 150 Hz, so you can be sure you'll get good low tones. Furthermore, a DSP processor ensures the best signal, and it also gives you the ability to adjust the sound precisely. Finally, each of the sub cabinets has two M20 threaded entries for distance rods, should you choose to add them, which would help expand the placement possibilities for both the subwoofers and the speakers.


Klotz M2FM1-1000 Neutrik XLR 3P - XLR 3P microphone cables


The set is made complete with no fewer than six Neutrik XLR microphone cables by Klotz. These cables can withstand intense use, thanks to their extra sturdy material. The XLR connector forms a reliable bridge from your microphone to your mixer and other sound gear. Moreover, the cables will stay exactly where you put them, because the flexible design won't allow them to twist or curl.  

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