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dB Technologies DVA T4 White aktives Line-Array-Modul

dB Technologies DVA T4 White aktives Line-Array-Modul
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dB Technologies DVA T4 White aktives Line-Array-Modul
Artikel-Nummer: DB-DVAT4WHITE
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The DVA T4 Top is equipped with a constant directivity horn for the high and mid-frequencies, and offers a nominal directivity of 100 by 15 degrees - in short, a CD horn. This is often useful if the array is not or cannot be properly aligned, for example. Along with the formation of cylinder waves (strongly dependent on the number of T4 elements), the DVA uses the vector sum of the individual horns. This means that the larger the distance of the power source (if properly prepared), the more vector sums of the individual elements the listener can hear. Of course, it also needs to be taken into account that the fewer elements you use to spread the sound over a given area, the larger the curve placement will be. This is how the effect of the optimised SPL distribution works.

Along with the accurate reproduction of a three-way system with active DSP amplification and all other advantages of active technology such as phase and line outputs, active technology also has the advantage that every array element can be optimised, depending on its position in the system and the number of combined line array modules. The DVA T4 is in charge of sixteen different setups, for example to optimise the HF response in conjunction with its function (nearfield/midfield/farfield), or the low mid-response, thanks to the number of combined units. This ensures that you won't need any expensive cabling.

The frequency response of 80 to 19,000 Hz and the horizontal dispersion of 15 degrees means that the DVA T4 Top can also be set up without an extra subwoofer for use with background music or speaking, for example. For other applications such as live music, there is also a DVA subwoofer available. The integrated class D amplifier ensures a power of 420 watts / RMS with 90% efficiency, and actively drives the three-way system. Furthermore, the built-in 24-bit DSP controls the active crossover, the active EQ, the limiter control and all safety circuits. Along with all of this, the DVA T4 is equipped with a corrected power factor that works from 90 to 260 volts, whereby you can connect up to eight DVA T4 modules with a single 16-amp AC breaker.

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