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Vinyl Buddy CD & Vinyl Maintenance

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  1. Vinyl Buddy VB02 Vinyl Cleaning Kit

    The extensive, all-in-one Vinyl Buddy VB02 vinyl cleaning kit includes a record brush, a stylus brush, a pack of specialised cleaning wipes, a bottle of cleaning spray and a microfibre cloth.

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Every collector knows that keeping your CDs and vinyl records in good condition is the key to not only making them look good, but sound good.

CD & Vinyl Maintenance

Wiping down your CDs every now and then makes sure that your CD player can continue reading them without any playback hiccups. The same applies to LPs: it's always a good idea to use a special vinyl brush to get rid of any accumulated dust prior to playback. If you want to keep your vinyl collection in tip-top condition to ensure the cleanest sound as possible, then it's recommended to grab a more extensive cleaning kit.

Vinyl Record Cleaners

Purpose-made cleaning fluids for records are specially formulated to sink deep into the grooves and clear away dust, fingerprints and other grime. For optimum results, it's best to apply any cleaner with a vinyl brush.

Vinyl Record Brushes

As well as dust and dirt, record brushes are designed to remove any static electricity from your LPs, which is why most brushes are made of carbon-fibre. Instead of a brush, you can also use an anti-static cleaning cloth. In any case, always run your brush or cloth along the grooves instead of across, cleaning in a circular motion.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LP Cleaning Kits

What's the best way to store vinyl records?

LPs are best stored at room temperature or a slightly lower temperature. As such, it's important to keep them away from sources of heat like radiators. It's also better to store records in an upright position rather than stacked on top of each other.

How can I keep my vinyl records clean?

To give your LPs a thorough cleaning, grab any record cleaning kit that includes an anti-static brush or cloth and a bottle of specially-developed vinyl cleaning fluid.

Why is my record skipping?

This is down to either the record itself or your record player. Dirty, bent or scratched records tend to skip, but it can also be that the tone arm is poorly positioned or the cartridge is substandard.