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Electro Harmonix Black Finger Kompressor-Effektpedal

Electro Harmonix Black Finger Kompressor-Effektpedal
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Electro Harmonix Black Finger Kompressor-Effektpedal
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Allgemeine Informationen

Are you in need of some compression? The Black Finger offers Electro Harmonix's renowned reliability and is a great asset for the pedal collection of any guitar of bass player.

Compression - what does it do?

An optical compressor functions as a sort of attenuator, controlling the volume of an incoming signal.

The Electro Harmonix Black Finger is an analogue pedal, which means it doesn't have the same electronic signature as a digital compressor, ensuring your signal is not inadvertently distorted. As such, your output is compressed without sacrificing any of its original tone and characteristics.

Why use a compressor?

Usually, a compressor is used to support melodies or to reduce changes in the signal level to a minimum. Sound engineers at concert venues are particularly fond of them, as they won't have to deal with considerable variations in output volume during a gig.

You can also use a compressor to apply a 'forward' percussive effect to your instrument. It will add more punch and create a more compact, warmer sound while you're playing your licks.

Dual tube magic!

The sound of the Black Finger pedal bears a close resemblance to that of vintage high-end studio compressors.

Unlike other tube-hyped products on the market, the Black Finger is equipped with a transformer that uses a full 300 volts. As such, it produces one of the warmest compression sounds imaginable, while preserving the attack of your playing. Ensuring an astonishing sustain, the EHX Black Finger is a real must-have for any amplified acoustic guitar.

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