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Electro Harmonix Crash Pad Drum Synthesizer

Electro Harmonix Crash Pad Drum Synthesizer

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Electro Harmonix Crash Pad Drum Synthesizer
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Allgemeine Informationen

It's hard to imagine now, but in the '80s, drum machines were very rare, pretty expensive and remarkably large. Electro Harmonix was one of the first companies to release an affordable model with relatively compact dimensions. As such, the Crash Pad was a cost-effective and practical way of adding some electronic noise to your sound. So if you're homesick for those good old days, you'll be glad to hear that the time has come for a reissue of that fantastic device. This pedal is great as a standalone unit, but if you add a sequencer, drum pad or clack generator to the mix, that's when it really shines.

Crash Pad: sound and operation

With the EHX Crash Pad, you can create a wide range of electronic percussion sounds, from cymbals and snare drums to freaky oscillations. You activate it by pressing the eponymous Crash Pad in the centre, which is both finger-friendly and rugged enough for use as a foot switch. Using the aux input, you can connect the pedal to an instrument like a keyboard or an electric guitar. Thanks to the sensitivity control, the impedance of the instrument does not matter. Of course, you can also connect a sequencer or a clock generator this retro pedal.

Back to the '80s

All the wacky sounds that made the original Crash Pad so popular are back in full force. You'll be mentally transported back to the '80s in no time! However, while vintage charm is certainly worth a lot, modern audiences are a bit more demanding when it comes to user-friendliness. Luckily, the pedal has been modified to address that issue. For instance, the Crash Pad now features an input for an external expression pedal that allows you to vary the filter frequency in real time. The pedal's power requirements have also been brought up to date. You can power the pedal using a standard 9V battery, or with the included EHX9.6DC-200 power supply. In short, EHX took a vintage pedal and kept all the good stuff while revamping the bad.

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Steppenwolf von Mensch - 23.02.2016 5
Ein Traum von Drum Modul! Kombiniert mit einem oder zwei EHX 8steps bietet mir das Crash Pad endlose Freude, und über den "Exp. Ped" Eingang kann man das Crash Pad sogar dazu bringen solide Basslines und Leads zu fabrizieren die deutlich lebendiger klingen als die meisten günstigen analogen "richtigen" Synthesizer bieten können. Und rhythmisch ist alles von Gabber kick bis monophoner Drumcomputer möglich, spätestens wenn man noch einen EQ dahinter setzt und das Crash Pad durch eine Rat oder andere Zerrpedale schickt.

Für mich persönlich der beste "Synthesizer" seit die 90er vorbei sind! :)
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