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Electro-Voice TX1152FM passiver Bodenmonitor 1 x 15 Zoll

Electro-Voice TX1152FM passiver Bodenmonitor 1 x 15 Zoll
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Electro-Voice TX1152FM passiver Bodenmonitor 1 x 15 Zoll
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0008-5788
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Allgemeine Informationen

With the TX 1152 FM, Electro Voice has added a passive floor monitor to their assortment that would do any stage some good. It's equipped with a 15-inch woofer with a 1.25-inch driver for the trebles. The speakers are mounted one on top of the other in unique baffles, whereby the entirety is much more compact that comparable monitors. This floor monitor produces an unprecedented sound that will enchant many musicians. Anyone who thinks that floor monitors are passé stage polluters really needs to listen to the TX 1152 FM!

Flat response

Thanks to the unique placement of the two speakers, the phase response is linear. It has a flat frequency response, which is quite uncommon for a monitor, and it means that reproduced sound stays true to the character of the original sound source, whether it's a microphone or an acoustic guitar. The TX 1152 also has a very musical sound, with such tight, defined lows that you'll never have to worry about getting a muddy sound. Furthermore, the mid range is tailored to vocals, so they will always cut nicely through the mix, which is a big advantage for a floor monitor. With the TX 1152, you can enjoy clean, sparkling highs with details you can really hear. This Electro Voice floor monitor from the Tour-X series can process high volumes without overloading, and its flat response minimises the chance of feedback.


The TX 1152 FM has a sleek design with a tough-looking curved grille. It isn't curved in such a way just for looks, but because such a shape adds more stability than conventional grilles. Furthermore, the coating with which this monitor is finished was developed by EV, and is scratch and water-resistant to prevent damage to your valuable speakers. One last innovative addition to this floor monitor can be found in the handles, which can be adjusted in multiple positions for optimal handling comfort.

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