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Evans B06G1 Coated Resonanzfell, 6 Zoll

Evans B06G1 Coated Resonanzfell, 6 Zoll

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Bestellungen ab 20 € versandkostenfrei

Evans B06G1 Coated Resonanzfell, 6 Zoll
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Allgemeine Informationen

The Evans G1s are single-ply drumheads made of a 10-mil-thick (0.254mm) film. They offer a beautifully rich sustain and a large tuning range, as well as a bright tone, while the coating adds a little warmth to their timbre.

Generator / Resonator - how does it work?

The influence of resonant heads on the overall sound of a drum is often underestimated. Some drummers never tune or replace their reso heads, even though they play a very large role in determining the eventual sound of your drums. Generally, reso heads are single-ply heads that can be either coated or clear. A drum's batter head (generator) determines its pitch, core sound and attack. Its shell and the resonant head can be compared to an amplifier and an equalizer, respectively. An expensive guitar (generator) won't sound too great on a cheap amplifier (resonator), and the same principle is true for drums. So think about what kind of sound you're going for, what volume you'll need and practise various different ways of tuning your drums.

Relation to the batter head

The tension on the resonant head can be either higher, lower or equal to that of the batter head. Is your sound guy telling you your toms need some duct tape for muffling, because he can't get rid of the excess sustain? Then try tuning your resonant head a little tighter or looser before you start taping, muffling or re-tuning your batter head. That's often the best and quickest way to get the sound you need. When you tune the reso head a bit tighter, you'll notice that you'll get a higher-pitched, thinner sound with more sustain. Would you rather have a beautifully deep 'boom' - for your floor toms, for instance - then try loosening the bottom head a bit. By experimenting with this concept, you'll soon discover that your drum kit can produce a sound you never knew it had. It may take some practice - especially at first - but it's certainly worth your while.

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