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EWS Bass Mid Control 2 Basspedal

EWS Bass Mid Control 2 Basspedal
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EWS Bass Mid Control 2 Basspedal
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The EWS Bass Mid Control 2 pedal enables you to enhance or filter the mid frequencies of your bass guitar, which is an essential range for bass players, since the most notes they play are in the mid-range. The EWS BMC2 is ideal when you want more control over your passive bass sound, but don't want to install an active preamp in your instrument. Use the volume knob on the pedal to ensure only the mid-frequencies are emphasised. Activate the gain boost switch to add +10 dB to the incoming signal. Combined with the volume knob, you can boost your sound by another +6 dB.

Bass Mid Control 2

Unlike the original Bass Mid Control, the BMS2 offers control of both the mid-range and the volume levels, making it a more versatile pedal. Its ability to function as a clean boost or preamp with comprehensive tone control also adds to its versatility. Another new feature compared to the original is that the BMC can operate on either 9 or 18 volts.


EWS stands for Engineering Work Store and it was originally set up in 2006 as a repair centre for PCI Japan. EWS believes that the best music comes from instruments that have been well looked after and they've repaired, modified and adjusted plenty of instruments over the years. They also started modifying effects pedals like the Arion SCH-Z (Chorus/Vibe) and the Wah Point-to-Point. In 2009, they began producing their own effects pedals like the Fuzzy Drive and the LBD which proved to be popular. EWS also produce pedals for bassists like the Tri-Logic Bass Preamp and the BMC. All of their pedals are robust, easy to use and offer great sounds.

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