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HK Audio PULSAR PL 115 FA Aktiv-Fullrange-Lautsprecher

HK Audio PULSAR PL 115 FA Aktiv-Fullrange-Lautsprecher
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HK Audio PULSAR PL 115 FA Aktiv-Fullrange-Lautsprecher
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0007-1703
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Allgemeine Informationen

HK Audio's PULSAR PL 115 FA is an active full-range speaker that's equipped with a 15-inch woofer for the low frequencies and a 1-inch, horn-loaded compression driver with a projection of 90 x 55 degrees, allowing for a good spread even at a short distance. The PULSAR series' PL 115 FA are perfect for musicians, bands and DJs who are looking for a good-sounding speaker with enough power. They fill the gap between HK Audio's Premium Pro and Linear 5 series and were designed with flexibility, durability and high sound quality in mind. Together, both amplifiers deliver an impressive 1,000 watts of power.


The Pulsar series was made to be as flexible as possible, and as a result you can adjust your setup to match your need - all components can be freely combined. The first two channels of the amplifier have a through connection that allow you to chain the signal. Depending on your application, you can use a switch to select whether you want to use it as a stand-alone device or as a monitor speaker. Additionally, you can opt for flat or contour to further adjust it to your surroundings. A third channel, lastly, allows you to connect a stereo sound source. All three channels feature a gain control so you essentially have a three-channel mixer, which is very practical for presentations, quick music playing and a microphone combination.

Wooden cabinet

HK chose to make the PULSAR's cabinet of wood, as it has the best acoustic properties. The built-in DSP (time alignment from high to low, multiband limiter) is tweaked to the construction of the cabinet and ensures a perfectly balanced sound in combination with the 1,000 watts from the two built-in amplifiers. The sound is clear, with great bass at high volumes without affecting the mid frequencies - great properties for amplifying vocals, for instance. Another big advantage of wooden cabinets is their durable and sturdy nature, making them perfect for a life on the road.

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