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Ibanez BTB686SC-NTF 6-saitiger E-Bass, Natural Flat

Ibanez BTB686SC-NTF 6-saitiger E-Bass, Natural Flat
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Ibanez BTB686SC-NTF 6-saitiger E-Bass, Natural Flat
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0009-0179
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Ibanez has over 40 years of experience in making instruments that are suited for beginners as well as more advanced players. With the Bass Workshop series, Ibanez has a real trump when it comes to exclusive instruments. This series won't appeal to everyone but it will definitely win the favour of the critical, more experienced bass player. Especially this BTB686SC-NTF is an exceptional instrument and goes by the promising name Terra Firma. This six-string bass guitar has a body made of ash and is finished with a rosewood top. The 5-piece neck consists of maple with laminated bubinga and all of this is perfectly reproduced with the help of Bartolini pickups with active tone control.

Affordable Boutique Bass

This Ibanez BTB686SC-NTF has a single cutaway which is also quite common on Boutique bass guitars that are much more expensive. Because that single cutaway is extra deep, you can easily reach the highest frets. The advantage of such a cutaway is that there is a lot of wood to resonate which is beneficial to the sound. Furthermore, there is more contact between the body and the neck resulting in more sustain and stability. The neck is a neck-thru type which means that it extends through the entire body, and is made of three parts maple and two parts bubinga wood. With a length of 35 inches, the neck provides a tight, equal tension (also for the lowest strings) and more sustain of the highest strings. This results in a superior articulation.

Bartolini pickups

By means of two Bartolini humbuckers, the sound of this 6-string Ibanez is transported to the Neutrik output. This locking jack connection prevents shocks and vibrations, and your guitar cable won't accidentally comes loose. The humbuckers are silent and prevent noise, resulting in a clear sound that you can fully adjust to your liking by means of the active 3-way tone control. The tone control is fitted with a mid-frequency switch, allowing you to choose between 250 Hz or 600 Hz which is the hart of the mid area, for a more dynamic and ideal tone. Another feature that contributes to the good sound of this instrument is the mono rail bridge, creating great isolation of strings so that each, separate string can vibrate optimally. The string spacing of this mono rail bridge is 17 millimetres, allowing for more freedom on the neck and more room for fingerpicking and slapping.

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Herr Hans-Josef Schmitz - 30.11.2014 5
Klasse Bass. Ich habe ihn mit vielen anderen Bässen verglichen. Von Billig bis Teuer war alles dabei. ER knurrt, er funktioniert in jederlei Hinsicht. Ein sehr gutes Instrument bei kleinem Preis.
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