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Korg Minilogue PG Limited Edition analogue synthesizer

Korg Minilogue PG Limited Edition analogue synthesizer
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Korg Minilogue PG Limited Edition analogue synthesizer
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0040-9449
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Allgemeine Informationen

Like many other manufacturers, Korg is bringing out increasingly compact synthesizers. That doesn't mean they have any less to offer, however. Take the Korg Minilogue PG, for instance, a handy little synth with three octaves of mini keys that will please young and old alike. One look at the plethora of knobs and switches on the control panel tells you all you need to know: this instrument has potential. It even features a small, practical waveform display, similar to that of the KingKorg synthesizer.


Offering a polyphony of four voices, the Minilogue PG is not likely to become your one and only synth, but it does make a great addition to your studio or live setup. Thanks to the built-in delay effect, you'll be able to produce a sound of impressive grandeur. Sound tweakers have three analogue oscillators (sawtooth, triangle and square wave) at their disposal, as well as a section that controls the modulation between these VCOs. With a choice of sync and ring modulation, you'll have a considerable sound palette to work with, ranging from subtle to extreme. A noise oscillator and a waveform display complete the picture. The latter shows you a visual representation of the waveform you're using, just like an oscilloscope. Experiment with the filter (LPF, 12/24 dB), and you'll see the waveform changing right in front of you - a truly educational experience!

Additional possibilities

Creating your own sounds is a fascinating process and some synthesizers in this price range encourage you to develop your skills by not allowing you to store presets. The Minilogue PG is different, however, offering 100 factory presets as well as 100 user presets. If you quickly need to switch sounds - during a live gig on stage, for instance - they can be a real life saver. Additionally, the synth boasts a 16-step sequencer and if you really want to make the analogue VCOs heard, all you have to do is set all the oscillators to unison mode. Don't be fooled by its compact housing; the Minilogue PG is a full-grown synthesizer that wants to be heard and tweaked.

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