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Eurolite Studio Lights

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Sustainable product

  1. Eurolite LED PLL-384 CW/WW Panel

    This Eurolite-designed surface light lines up 384 individual LED bulbs that can be configured to emit cold as well as warm white light. Equipped with a QuickDMX port, this panel can be controlled cable-free and comes with barn doors.

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Studio lights are essential when it comes to photography and video production since the more light there is, the better the result. Not to mention that during the post-production phase, it's easier to edit overexposed objects or people than it is to touch up underexposed shots, even more so when it comes to beauty shots. While Bax Music is mainly aimed at musicians and producers, we're also increasingly focused on photographers, vloggers, live-streamers and other content creators who already depend on our microphones, recorders, audio interfaces and acoustic panels. Needless to say, if your content is viewed by hundreds, thousands or perhaps even millions of people, we can appreciate that you want the lighting to be as rock-solid as the audio. With all of that in mind, we figured it was about time we set up a special category for studio lighting.