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Line 6 V35-HHTX Wireless dynamisches Mikrofon

Line 6 V35-HHTX Wireless dynamisches  Mikrofon
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Line 6 V35-HHTX Wireless dynamisches Mikrofon
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0005-3485
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As we've all made the full transition into the wireless era, we cannot possibly leave our microphones behind (although we might have to, seeing how their cables pull them back). A wireless microphone allows you plenty of freedom on stage as you are no longer anchored via a cable. The Line 6 V35-HHTX wireless dynamic microphone allows you to choose between six channels via which you can send your sound to the receiver. The tonal characteristics of the V35-HHTX are based on those of the popular - and excellent - Shure SM58 microphone.


This microphone digitises your sound and sends it to the receiver, which turns it back into an audio signal. The answer is simple: an analogue system can be thoroughly messed up by interference, whereas a digital signal is binary - it has just two set values: 0 and 1. Even if the digital signal is tampered with, there's never enough interference to convert a 0 to a 1 or the other way around. Whatever you send to your transmitter will get there unscathed - the sound is absolutely clean.

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