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Red Witch Factotum Bass Suboctave Drive Pedal

Red Witch Factotum Bass Suboctave Drive Pedal
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Red Witch Factotum Bass Suboctave Drive Pedal
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0021-0432
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Following in the footsteps of guitarists, many bass players these days like to create a diverse sound palette by using a range of stomp boxes. The bigger the pedal board, the better. With the Factotum Bass Suboctave Drive, Red Witch offers a valuable addition to any bassist's arsenal. By combining an overdrive and an octaver, this effects pedal delivers a core bass sound that'll blow anyone away. Thanks to two rugged foot switches, you can decide for yourself whether you want to use the effects independently or simultaneously.

Factotum Bass Suboctave Drive: octave and overdrive

Thanks to four knobs, this Red Witch bass guitar effects pedal is easy to operate. Use the stomp box's Octave Mix knob to adjust the suboctave level you want to add to your bass sound, and the Drive knob to determine the level of overdrive. The overdrive volume is controlled by the knob labelled D Volume, while the D Tone knob allows you to put more emphasis on either the top end (for more clarity) or the bottom end (for a more woolly sound). As bass players usually like to keep their core sound clean, the D Mix control determines the balance between your wet overdrive signal and your dry bass sound.

Red Witch pedals

Red Witch is a small company from New Zealand that offers a range of high-grade analogue effects pedals. It was originally founded by Ben Fulton, who had a predilection for analogue pedals with a natural, top-quality output. Combining high-grade technology with artful housings, Red Witch pedals are truly loved by guitarists and bassists who share the same passion. If you count yourself among them, you'll certainly be able to appreciate these high-end stomp boxes. Red Witch's original designs will inspire you visually as well as sonically, taking your performance to the next level. Each stomp box is tested by Ben Fulton himself, to ensure you always get the best possible quality.

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