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Sabian XS20 18 Zoll chinesisches Becken

Sabian XS20 18 Zoll chinesisches Becken
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Sabian XS20 18 Zoll chinesisches Becken
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Over the last few decades, Sabian has come to be a major force in the cymbal making industry. The company - that was founded by Robert Zildjian in 1981 - belongs to the 'big four' manufacturers of cymbals, along with Zildjian Paiste and Meinl. All four companies create very high-quality cymbals, but Sabian stands out because it pours just as much effort into its budget-friendly cymbals as it does into its expensive, high-end series.

Sabian XS20 18-inch Chinese: high-quality B20 bronze

The XS20 series is quite special, as it is a budget-friendly series of cymbals that is made of the same high-quality alloy of B20 bronze as Sabian's high-end cymbals. By using a more automated production process, however, Sabian has been able to keep costs at a minimum, making these cymbals not only very high in quality, but also very affordable.

Of course, this 18-inch Chinese has traces of the familiar bright XS20 sound, but it's incorporated into a trashy whole. This thin china cymbal has a quick, tight and aggressive response and great low, overtones. You can ride it for a bright, raw base, or crash it for quick, trashy accents. Whatever you do, this B20 bronze china delivers everything you'd expect and more, especially considering its reasonable price tag.

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