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Shure PSM 200 P2T In Ear Monitor Sender Q3 748-784 MHz

Shure PSM 200 P2T In Ear Monitor Sender Q3 748-784 MHz
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Shure PSM 200 P2T In Ear Monitor Sender Q3 748-784 MHz
Artikel-Nummer: TM-EP2T
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The PSM transmitter, which is a part of the PSM200 series, is an absolute breakthrough in personal monitoring. It offers the user the possibility to transmit two line signals or microphone signals directly to the P2T. The two signals can subsequently be mixed individually, so that every musician, DJ, vocalist or other user can compose the perfect mix for him or herself. You can decide for yourself if you want to hear a bit more guitar, or slightly prioritise the keys over the vocals, for instance. This way, countless variations are possible, so that you can ensure a perfect personal mix!

Hearing impairment is increasingly becoming a problem. People are suffering hearing impairment at a much younger age these days and therefore Shure have built an audio limiter into this transmitter. The advantage of in-ears is that you will be able to have a perfect individual monitoring volume, as opposed to having stage monitors blasting their decibels across the stage. The limiter further increases this advantage. A tri-colour LED indicates the input level, which can be adjusted. All these things ensure a good protection against overly high volumes, so that you won't suffer hearing impairment, if you are careful.

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