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Source Audio SA143 Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter Pedal

Source Audio SA143 Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter Pedal
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Source Audio SA143 Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter Pedal
Artikel-Nummer: 9000-0022-6730
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The Source Audio SA143 Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter follows on from the point where the ever popular Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter left off. Just like its predecessor, this pedal lays it on nice and thick by offering 22 filter types that can be applied liberally to shape unthinkable sounds. Character-filled envelope filters like the Mu-Tron, Bassballs, and the Meatball, as well as extreme filter sweeps and deep phasers are provided to essentially turn your bass into a synth. Combine this stompbox with the Source Audio Multiwave Bass Distortion pedal and get that kind of endlessly deep, full-fat and growling, dub-steppy synth-bass. Every parameter can be controlled in real-time by hooking up an expression pedal, or simply add the unique Source Audio Hot Hand for more direct and intuitive control. This refreshed version also offers space to save custom presets so you can call up your delicately crafted sounds with speed.

The Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter

As awesome and far ranging the potential of the Soundblox Pro is, setting up and adjusting the effect has been kept surprisingly simple. Using the big pot that's been planted in the middle of the control panel, your preferred filter type is smoothly selected. Scroll through 22 of them: 11 Low Pass (7 Two-Pole and 4 Four-Pole), 2 Single Peak, 4 Triple Peak, 2 Peak & Notch, and another 3 Phasers for good measure. The Frequency pot, meanwhile, harnesses the filter range by pulling it from plunging depths to a sharp sweep. In fact, the broad range that this pedal is able to handle means it can also be used with five or six-string basses with no problem. The Sweep Range opens up (positive) or closes (negative) the filter, and the Speed pot dials in the reaction and decay time. Another unusual feature is the LFO control. Using the Tap-Tempo footswitch, the LFO timing can be set to create a dub-step style 'wobble' effect. Adding even more control, a seven-band EQ can be set and saved as part of a preset to be called up later and, since this pedal uses Active Analog Bypass, your pure and dry signal is maintained when the effect has been deactivated.

Source Audio

In 2005, Source Audio was set up entirely by former engineers, scientists and former employees of Analog Devices, Kurzwell Music Systems and Thomas H. Lee Partners. With more than 80 years of experience combined, the Source Audio project began. Since this company has just as much experience making analogue circuits as it does digital ones, this can be heard in every one of their pedals, each of which can be controlled via the unique Hot hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller. The Hot Hand is a ring - as in, a ring that's placed on your finger - that functions as an expression pedal. This means that parameters like filter sweep, wet/dry mix or the gain of a distortion pedal can be adjusted by something as simple as a graceful hand gesture.

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